HOLD THESE TRUTHS Opening Night & New York Premiere at the Epic Theatre Ensemble

HOLD THESE TRUTHS Opening Night & New York Premiere at the Epic Theatre Ensemble

Tonight, a dream come true: our HOLD THESE TRUTHS Opening Night and New York premiere at the Epic Theatre Ensemble! And we’ve opened to rave reviews: THE NEW YORKER, calls Joel de la Fuente’s performance “stunning,” and THE WASHINGTON POST, writes of “Jeanne Sakata’s eloquent one-man drama…about a fascinating chapter in American history.”

Joel De La Fuente

More from THE NEW YORKER: “One of the stunning things about Joel de la Fuente’s performance in Jeanne Sakata’s gripping one-man show is how completely he embodies the real-life character of Gordon Hirabayashi….de la Fuente, under the direction of Lisa Rothe, also plays many other characters—Hirabayashi’s parents, his college friends, police, lawyers, judges, a Hopi Indian—but his portrayal of Hirabayashi, whom President Obama just this year posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, feels eerily true to life.”

Special audience guests included Grant Ujifusa, Redress Strategy Chair of the Japanese American Citizens League; Japanese American community leaders Julie Azuma & Tamio Spiegel; literary agent Morgan Jenness; John Eisner, Artistic Director of the Lark Play Development Center; Yang Chen, Executive Director of NY Asian American Bar Association; Antony Wong, Program Director of CUNY’s Asian American/Asian Research Institute; Joel’s wife Melissa de la Fuente, my husband Tim Patterson—who has encouraged me for the past five years that this day would finally come!—and more.

For full coverage and more reviews, see Lia Chang’s article and her Opening Night photos.

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