Neal Katyal, Former U.S. Solicitor General, Speaks of Gordon Hirabayashi and the Presidential Medal of Freedom at AALDEF HOLD THESE TRUTHS Performance

A very special guest tonight! Neal Katyal, former United States Solicitor General in President Obama’s Administration, attended HOLD THESE TRUTHS tonight, at a special theater party organized by New York’s AALDEF, or Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, headed by Executive Director Margaret Fung. Neal, who played a key role in President Obama posthumously awarding Gordon with the Presidential Medal of Freedom joined us for a post-show discussion about Gordon Hirabayashi, sharing how deeply inspired he has been by Gordon’s life. Read his moving tribute here.

We were also honored to have Ira Glasser, former Executive Director of the ACLU, in the audience tonight. Of HOLD THESE TRUTHS: Ira writes:

“The one-man play, carried by an astoundingly moving performance by Joel de la Fuente, presents the historical facts of this scandalous episode with impeccable accuracy…Even to someone who knew all the facts, this was an unforgettable experience. Every American who can should see this play. And bring your kids.

“Any chance we have to avoid this sort of thing happening again requires that we never forget what happened in 1942, when virtually every moral principle for which we were fighting for abroad was violated here at home. This play does that, not only because of what enters your head when you watch it, but because of what enters your soul.”

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