Closing Night of HOLD THESE TRUTHS at the Epic Theatre Ensemble

Closing Night of HOLD THESE TRUTHS at the Epic Theatre Ensemble

Closing Night of HOLD THESE TRUTHS!  We have had an amazing time sharing Gordon’s story with New York!  Thank you Epic Theatre Ensemble—Ron Russell, Robert Chelimsky, Melissa Friedman, James Wallert Heather Cohn, and Zak and Len Berkman especially—for working so long and hard to bring us here.  To Lisa Rothe and Joel de la Fuente for their artistic brilliance and passion for Gordon’s story, and the magic with which they created it onstage.  And to our wonderful stage managers Rebecca Spinac and Ryan Parow, our amazing designers Mikiko Suzuki McAdams, Meg Weedon, Daniel Kluger, Cat Tate Starmer, and our dedicated running crew.  Thank you, too, to all our guest speakers and panelists who inspired such terrific conversations about Gordon’s story throughout our entire run—and to all of you who came to share in our New York premiere.

In our audience tonight: Nilaja Sun of No Child, another brilliant Epic solo show; Peter Filichia, former President of the Drama Desk and Host of the Theatre World Awards; Leslie Hoban Blake, Vice President of the Drama Desk; Elliott Maisie, Broadway producer, and Lorenzo Thione, writer and producer of Allegiance.

Many of you have asked, what’s next for HOLD THESE TRUTHS?  I love the above photo of the empty audience chairs under Mikiko’s beautiful floating window—the view Joel had every night as he warmed up to perform the show.  When Joel and Lisa attended a Quaker meeting to prepare for playing Gordon, they learned about the Quaker concept of “expectant waiting,” of waiting in silence until one was filled with the inspiration to speak.  We are now in just such a period of expectant waiting to see what will next happen next on our HOLD THESE TRUTHS journey!  Our New York fun has opened up a number of possibilities to share the play elsewhere, so please stay tuned—we hope to have good news to share with you very soon!

Thanks, Lia Chang, for your photos of our closing night, for your article covering our New York run, and for your generous spirit!

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