Jeanne Guest Stars on CBS-TV’s Hit Show NCIS LOS ANGELES

Jeanne Guest Stars on CBS-TV’s Hit Show NCIS LOS ANGELES

Sometimes a job just drops in your lap when you least expect it–in this case, a guest starring role on the hit TV show NCIS LOS ANGELES. Rushing around prepping to leave for Hawaii to see my play HOLD THESE TRUTHS in Honolulu, and making some arrangements so my husband would have an awesome 60th birthday celebration there, I dashed into Susan Bluestein’s office for an audition and came out with a job.  And though it was a “massage parlor madame” (ah yes, we’ve heard THAT description before….), when I looked at the scene, I thought it was just campy enough that I could turn it into tongue-in-cheek funny.  After all, not hard to do when you are playing opposite Eric Christian Olsen, who manages the very tough feat of being loopy and daffy and laser-sharp smart as Detective Deeks all at once.  A sheer joy to work with, he took the lines written  for him and turned them upside-down, inside-out, sideways and every which way else.  He’s the real deal all right!

Also loved going badass with the wonderful Victor Chan, whose got the kind of looks that often land him mean-guy roles, but who is actually one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet, with a beautiful, golden, operatic voice.  He sang “Unchained Melody” for me on set and believe, this guy’s got pipes.

With Victor Chan on set!

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