HOLD THESE TRUTHS Headlines Solo Nova Festival, Starring 2013 Drama Desk Award Nominee Joel de la Fuente, directed by Lisa Rothe

HOLD THESE TRUTHS Headlines Solo Nova Festival, Starring 2013 Drama Desk Award Nominee Joel de la Fuente, directed by Lisa Rothe

Joel De La Fuente

Fantastic news, everyone!  HOLD THESE TRUTHS is returning to New York, headlining the annual SOLO NOVA FESTIVAL of  the Terra Nova Collective as the “finale” event on June 4th, 10th, and 11th!  Starring our celebrated Drama Desk Award Nominee,   Joel de la Fuente, who also stars as Dr. Johann Pryce on Netflix’s new hit series HEMLOCK GROVE, and directed by our brilliant Lisa Rothe, our Epic Theatre Ensemble production is returning for 3 more performances at the Culture Project, 45 Bleecker Street, New York.  Our new performances have just been announced on BROADWAYWORLD.COM.

Woo-hoo!  To have this follow right on the heels of Joel’s Drama Desk Award nomination is just incredible.  Thank you, Jennifer Conley Darling and Terra Nova for bringing us back to NY!  Tickets on sale HERE.

Check out our HOLD THESE TRUTHS Photo Album from Drama Desk Awards night, as well as Lia Chang’s article covering the night.  Also see our past Photo Albums from New York & Hawaii and Video Interviews with Jeanne, Joel & Lisa.  And don’t forget to “like” and check out our HOLD THESE TRUTHS FACEBOOK Page, as well as the Joel de la Fuente FACEBOOK Fan Page.  HEMLOCK GROVE fans, if you love Joel as Dr. Johann Pryce, wait till you see him play 37 characters in HOLD THESE TRUTHS!  You can follow both Jeanne and Joel on TWITTER, too.

AND SEE OUR RAVE REVIEWS BELOW!  We’ve gotten an unbroken string of raves for our New York premiere and also for our Hawaii run, produced by HAWAII FIVE-O star Daniel Dae Kim and the Honolulu Theatre For Youth.  So come see what all the excitement’s about, and join our ever-expanding HOLD THESE TRUTHS family at soloNOVA!

REVIEWS — HOLD THESE TRUTHS, Produced by Epic Theatre Ensemble, New York, October-November 2012

One of the stunning things about Joel de la Fuente’s performance in Jeanne Sakata’s gripping one-man show is how completely he embodies the real-life character of Gordon Hirabayashi….de la Fuente, under the direction of Lisa Rothe, also plays many other characters—Hirabayashi’s parents, his college friends, police, lawyers, judges, a Hopi Indian—but his portrayal of Hirabayashi, whom President Obama just this year posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, feels eerily true to life.
The New Yorker, October 2012

Jeanne Sakata’s eloquent one-man drama about civil rights giant Gordon Hirabayashi…provides a concise examination of a fascinating chapter in American history…Joel de la Fuente plays Hirabayashi wtih buoyant, magnetic enthusiasm, under the direction of Lisa Rothe.
The Washington Post/API, October 2012

From a theatrical point of view, the astounding performance that Joel de la Fuente delivers as Gordon Hirabayashi is reason enough to recommend Hold These Truths… de la Fuente presents, in addition to Hirabayashi, a plethora of personages that people Gordy’s story – different ages, different sexes, different nationalities – all without benefit of makeup or costume change. I had occasion to attend a performance with a blind friend and she was able to distinguish easily one character from another through vocal inflection alone. This is simply remarkable work – a master class in acting, if you will….In the hands of a lesser playwright this could easily have come off as a didactic lesson in social justice, but with Jeanne Sakata at the helm, we are treated to a dazzling, literary script that’s full of humor.
New York Times Readers’ Review, October 2012

…A shining play beautifully written by Jeanne Sakata….resonates with vitality and power…de la Fuente’s stirring, layered portrayal of Hirabayashi, and his spot-on ironic and humorous portrayals of Hirabayashi’s parents, friends and people he meets along his journey, propel us toward a mixture of emotions, reminding us that this could happen again if we are not careful. Lisa Rothe’s excellent directing choices and Sakata’s emotionally uplifting rendering of this heroic soul adhere flawlessly.  This is what living, breathing theater is about. Unforgettable.
Technorati.com, October 2012

It takes a deft dramatic hand to craft moving theatre out of social history and courtroom drama, and a nuanced actor to portray the passage of time and multiple characters. The Epic Theatre production of Jeanne Sakata‘s Hold These Truths reveals just such deftness of hand and actor nuance.  Moving, instructive, thrilling….Travel downtown to be inspired by script, actor, and history in equal measure….Culled to its human and emotional essence, we hold Hirabayashi’s story as we must all ‘hold these truths.’
Urban Excavations, October 2012

A fabulous Joel de la Fuente….Ms. Sakata is a wonderful playwright who conveys emotions and words with a poetry that is full of humor and knowledge.
Times Square Chronicles, October 2012

Hold These Truths is lighthearted, witty, and laugh-out-loud funny…. Joel de la Fuente does a tremendous job as Gordon, endearing himself to the audience with Gordon’s exuberance ….Both Sakata and de la Fuente emphasize the no-nonsense firmness within Gordon, whose deeply patriotic spirit and uncompromising faith allowed him to take on the US government as an American citizen.
Japan Culture, NYC, October 2012


REVIEWS — HOLD THESE TRUTHS, Produced by Daniel Dae Kim and the Honolulu Theatre For Youth

HOLD THESE TRUTHS, brought to Hawaii by “Hawaii Five-0″ actor Daniel Dae Kim and Honolulu Theatre for Youth, is the story of Gordon Hirayabashi and how he took his plea for justice in wartime all the way to the Supreme Court. It is a remarkable story, and with Joel de le Fuente starring in this one-man show, “Hold These Truths” is must-see theater as well as the actor’s tour de force….It is a brilliant performance by de la Fuente….It is also an entertaining and enlightening journey through a dark chapter in American history and the society that made it possible.
Honolulu Pulse.Com, February 2013

The writing, directing and acting are superb. Hurray for Jeanne Sakata for a brilliant script. Hurray for Joel de la Fuente for an indescribably engaging performance that takes you up, down, here, there, this pov, that pov — in seconds, and you always know exactly where you are. The theater was packed, and we were alternately laughing and weeping. Broadly, HOLD THESE TRUTHS helps us advance our community conversation about the submerged story of homefront Hawaii in World War II — more specifically, the arbitrary internment of perhaps 2200 persons and counting.
Honolulu Pulse.Com Readers’ Review, February 2013

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