Jeanne returns to THE NISEI WIDOWS CLUB: HOW TOMI GOT HER GROOVE BACK at East West Players

Jeanne returns to THE NISEI WIDOWS CLUB: HOW TOMI GOT HER GROOVE BACK at East West Players

Emily Kuroda, Takayo Fischer, Tui Asau, June Kyoko Lu, Jeanne Sakata sharing some aloha in THE NISEI WIDOWS CLUB: HOW TOMI GOT HER GROOVE BACK

Almost a decade ago, my East West Players friends Emily Kuroda, Takayo Fischer, and June Kyoko Lu and I did this zany play based on Japanese American Nisei widows in Gardena, California who had lost their husbands and formed support groups where they could socialize, have fun and help each other readjust to single life.  To our surprise, the characters took off, and became extremely popular with the Little Tokyo and East West Players community; Artistic Director Tim Dang kept hearing, “Please, please, bring the Nisei Widows back!”  So we did a Christmas show, and the response was so enthusiastic we had to come back and do ANOTHER Christmas show, and still we kept hearing that our Nisei Widows fans wanted still more.

Hula Master Kimo shows Tomi some moves!

So here we are for one last adventure!  This time around, my character, Tomi Tanaka has had her man-crazy ways temporarily dampened by the sudden loss of her son, Frank, an officer with the Gardena police force.  The other Nisei Widows, Sumi, Hana, and Betty surround her in her time of need and try to console and rejuvenate her by whisking her off to a Venice yoga class, and then across the ocean to Hawaii to immerse her in the beauty of the islands and the physical, emotional and spiritual joys of dancing the hula.

Come join us for a fun-filled evening with the Nisei Widows!  We are delighted to have with us this time around the wonderful actor Tui Asau, who recently starred in Keo Woolford’s wonderful award-winning film THE HAUMANA, and who plays both Patrick the yoga instructor and Kimo the hula master.  We are also delighted and honored that renowned Los Angeles hula master Keali’i Ceballos was generous enough to agree to choreograph our show, with such gorgeous results.

We just opened last week and the response has been wonderful so far, with plenty of hearty laughter and goodwill and affection from our audiences.  So come on down to East West Players!  Tickets can be purchased at the East West Players website:

Sending all our NWC fans armfuls of alohas and mahalo, mahalo, mahalo for your continued enthuasiasm for the Nisei Widows over the last ten years!



The Nisei Widows being wowed by Patrick, their yoga teacher.

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