HOLD THESE TRUTHS Earns Raves in Palm Springs: "…a tour de force."

HOLD THESE TRUTHS Earns Raves in Palm Springs: "…a tour de force."

The latest stop for HOLD THESE TRUTHS — Palm Springs at Coachella Valley Rep! Starring Blake Kushi, directed by Ron Celona, based on the original East West Players production directed by Jessica Kubzansky — thank you Jessica for generously allowing CV Rep to build on your brilliant foundation!

And here is the first rave review: “Blake Kushi is magnificent as a real-life hero in CV Rep’s HOLD THESE TRUTHS….a fabulous choice to end CV Rep’s season…Don’t miss it.”

And more praise: “A profound and impressive production.” …a compelling story of one man’s courageous stand for justice.”

And more!  “CV Rep’s HOLD THESE TRUTHS is a tour de force...Actor Blake Kushi, who appears in the HOLD THESE TRUTHS, is not yet a household name, but he deserves to become one…a brilliant performance.”

Blake Kushi originally played Gordon Hirabayashi in the East West Players Theatre For Youth 45-minute version of HOLD THESE TRUTHS that toured high schools and junior high schools throughout the LA Unified School District.  So we’re delighted that he has now “graduated” to the 90-minute mainstage show.  Congratulations Blake, and thanks to all the wonderful folks at CV Rep for bringing Gordon’s timeless story to Palm Springs!



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