Jeanne Jumps Into FIGARO at A Noise Within — LA Times Critic’s Choice ***

Jeanne Jumps Into FIGARO at A Noise Within — LA Times Critic’s Choice ***

Sweet plotting as Marceline in FIGARO (Photo by Craig Schwartz)

Wheeeeee!  Having so much fun with this one!  Beaumarchais’ play THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO, gorgeously and hilariously and zanily re-imagined for our contemporary times in language and in spirit by playwright Charles Morey, and now titled FIGARO, directed by one of my favorite directors, the brilliant Michael Michetti at Pasadena’s acclaimed classics company A Noise Within.  We’re gotten unaimous raves in the press and a LOS ANGELES TIMES CRITICS’ CHOICE and even 100% “Sweet” on Bitter Lemons.  So what more can I say?  Scurry on down for a scrumptious night in the theater.  And love to my fellow lunatics Jeremy Guskin, Angela Sauer, Andrew Ross Wynn, Elyse Mirto, Joshua Wolf Coleman, Will Bradley, Natalie de Luna, and my fabulous scene partner, veteran actor Alan Blumenfeld who has kept me laughing through it all.  Get your tickets now!

“Local treasure Jeanne Sakata makes mincemeat of Marceline, especially riotous at the tribunal to stake her claim on Figaro….a knee-slapping blast.”
Los Angeles Times Review, Critic’s Choice, March 2015

“Sakata’s booming-voiced Marceline reveals the L.A. treasure’s comic gifts as never before… the frothiest, funniest, most farcical romp I’ve yet seen at ANW.”
StageScene LA, April 2015

“Jeanne Sakata vibrates with frustrated passion as Marceline…. a delightful romp.”
San Gabriel Valley Tribune, March 2014

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