HOLD THESE TRUTHS Opens at the Guthrie Theater Starring Joel de la Fuente

HOLD THESE TRUTHS Opens at the Guthrie Theater Starring Joel de la Fuente

Dear friends, excited to share that after a two-year absence, our HOLD THESE TRUTHS 2013 Drama Desk Nominee Joel de la Fuente is back on the boards, directed by Lisa Rothe, Joe A. Callaway Award Nominee for Direction of HTT, at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis from October 7th-23rd!  And our NYC creative team is also back: Set Designer Mikiko Suzuki MacAdams; Lighting Designer Cat Tate Starmer; Costume Designer Margaret E. Weedon; Sound Designer Daniel Kluger; Stage Manager Mary K. Botosan, along with Assistant Director BriAnna McCurry Daniels.

HTT is kicking off the Guthrie’s wonderful new LEVEL NINE initiative — all tickets $9.00 only, on the 9th floor Dowling Studio.  Get your tickets HERE.  This is a very limited run of only 2 weeks, so don’t wait!


“This well-crafted and beautifully acted piece offers not just a glimpse of the past but an extraordinarily relevant message for today…. actor Joel de la Fuente conjures a variety of characters with virtuosic ease under Lisa Rothe’s spare and focused direction.”

“To call de la Fuente’s performance a tour de force would be misleading—although it is surely that. Under the skilled direction of Lisa Rothe, de la Fuente embodies multiple characters as well as Hirabayashi across several decades of his life, creating an impressionistic patchwork that is part theatrical memoir, part meditation on the American dream and the promise of its Constitution…What gets captured in de la Fuente’s performance is, to boil it down, Hirabayashi’s essential and unexceptional goodness…de la Fuente’s Hirabayashi holds a principled center, and it is that simple insistence on what is right and acting ‘as if what was should be…is’ that makes Sakata’s play so stirring.”

“Joel de la Fuente gives a riveting performance as Hirabayashi. As grim as the story is, it is laced with humor and irony ….This actor is utterly mercurial as the character shifts from one barrier to another barrier to another…Sharply and precisely directed by Lisa Rothe.”

“The Guthrie opens discussion on one of the more harrowing and disturbing times in recent American history. It was only 74 years ago, in 1942, that President Roosevelt signed an executive order forcing all Japanese-Americans to pack up everything that they could carry and move to one of ten concentration camps…In the midst of all of this was a hero, Gordon Hirabayashi….Joel de la Fuente’s portrayal offers a mix of lighthearted optimism and grave concern in the most authentic way.”


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