HOLD THESE TRUTHS Stars Greg Watanabe at Perseverance Theatre in Juneau and Anchorage

HOLD THESE TRUTHS Stars Greg Watanabe at Perseverance Theatre in Juneau and Anchorage

Gordon Hirabayashi, as portrayed by actor Greg Watanabe, decides to defy the curfew ordered against all those of Japanese ancestry by the U.S. government. Photo by Akiko Nishijima Rotch.

My wonderful friend Greg Watanabe, who last year made a fabulous Broadway debut in George Takei’s ALLEGIANCE, has been earning accolades at Alaska’s Perseverance Theatre these past three winter months for his performance in HOLD THESE TRUTHS in Juneau (November 18-December 4) and Anchorage (January 6-15).  Also so happy to share that my friend Leslie Ishii, a Seattle native like Gordon Hirabayashi, has helmed this beautiful production, so striking in its evoking in spirit and design the sense of the Pacific Northwest.  Huge thanks to Artistic Director Art Rotch for bringing us up to Alaska, and to our wonderful design team:  set designer Akiko Nishijima Rotch, sound designer John Zalewski, costume designer Sara Ryo Clement, and Art doing double duty as lighting designer and AD of Perseverance!

Here’s a great review from the Juneau Empire.  Heartfelt thanks to Team HTT Alaska for this marvelous run and this very special time in Alaska — my very first time in this gorgeous state!

“Hold These Truths” is a simple but stunning solo play in one long act, written by actor and playwright Jeanne Sakata and directed by Leslie Ishii….Fresh from a Broadway debut in “Allegiance,” actor Greg Watanabe nimbly portrays Hirabayashi’s principled stand against both the government and the country’s prevailing sentiment of fear—“I seek to live such that the ought-to-be is.”

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